Can Li

Can Li

Research Technician

Scientific Interest:

Mechanistic dissection of the regulatory roles of non-coding RNAs in gene expression and epigenetics.


  1. Investigating the transgenerational effect of maternally deposited piRNAs.
  2. Establishing a piRNA-independent tethering system for locating Piwi to a reporter locus to gain mechanistic insight into how Piwi recruitment influences local chromatin state and transcription.


08/2005-07/2009 University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei. Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences

Research Experience:

09/2007-07/2008 Hearing Research Lab, directed by Professor Lin Chen, USTC. Using fluorescent staining methods to study cisplatin-induced hair cell loss in lateral line neuromasts of zebrafish larvae in vivo.

07/2008-09/2010 NMR Lab, directed by Professor Yunyu Shi, USTC. Studying structure and functions of Redoxases in S. cerevisiae and analyzing the temporal variation in expression of a Glutaredoxin upon varying arsenite concentration using RT-qPCR.

08/2009-09/2010 Neurophysics Lab, directed by Professor Guoqiang Bi, USTC. Using single molecule imaging/Super-Resolution Microscopy to analyze the cellular dynamics of the mTOR signaling pathway.

10/2014-present Fejes Toth Lab, Caltech. Using fly genetics and cell culture systems to dissect the role of small non-coding RNAs in transcriptional regulation.


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